Sustrai Gaztategia

About us

Sustraia Gastategia was born in 2021 out of the hope of broading awareness of the value of the latxa sheep heard. This breed, generation after generation, has kept our family on the skirts of the Sierras Andia and Aralar in Uharte-Arakil. We are committed to connecting the cycle from earth to nourishment through the ancient traditions of cheese making.



Our sheepherding is based in respect for the land, the animal and the product of cheese. Our final objective is self-sufficiency of our animals, our family and our local ecosystem. We live with and on the land and get it’s best performance by taking care of it. We work our pastures naturally, without chemical fertilizers or phytosanitary produces. Our tools are observation of the grasses and sheep as they move through cycles of regenerative grazing and using the direct seeding technique called “keylining”. This way we help conserve the carbon cycle’s flow and the balanced health of our planet, our food and our bodies.

Where are we?